Bridgestone ALENZA AL01 255/55R19 107W

Bridgestone ALENZA AL01 255/55R19 107W

10,790 EGP10,890 EGP

Circular blocks

The new tire design provides quick response to the car on turns, high stability on straight roads and outstanding performance when braking on wet roads. The improvement of the roundness at the edge of the tire rib, and the expansion of the points of contact of the tire with the road, guarantee better grip and performance on the road.


Flatten the edges

The rounded corners of the tire pattern prevent the edges from bending inwards when using the brakes. And the new design of the tire allows for increased contact points with the road, which ensures higher performance when using the brakes.


Engraving blanks in the shoulders of the 3D frame in the form of (M)

Small tread spaces reduce uneven tire wear, increasing tire life by 11% compared to other Bridgetson tires designed for SUVs.


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