Labocosmetica Pro Coating 100/100-Blindo Plus + HPC

Labocosmetica Pro Coating 100/100-Blindo Plus + HPC


#Blindo Plus is a new coating concept: it creates an ultra-fine, transparent layer that increases the hydrophobic properties of the surface and is more resistant to the adhesion of salt deposits (limestone) and to the action of corrosive agents (rain, salts, detergents, etc.). It also has greater chemical stability for improved durability over time.


HPC opens the way to a new category of overcoat coatings. Thanks to it’s Nano hydro-gel system technology it creates a hydrophobic membrane with a polymeric matrix consisting of “building blocks” that crosslink and anchor directly on the surface at room temperature, generating a very resistant and elastic layer.

#HPC cannot be purchased separately

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