Cars Track Shape Crochet Carpet-Small

729 EGP


To keep your young boys entertained and busy in the house, there is no secret you’ll need a lot of car toys. Young kids are motor enthusiasts from a pretty young age, and the ingenuity of toy cars cannot catch up with their appetite for different designs. The car toys can also litter up the house because they are driven all over the place. How about a designated racetrack where they can race their toys and have lots of fun while doing it. It’s a crocheted racetrack rug that is colorful and functional to be used by your kids in the house.

This racetrack rug is also a colorful piece of decoration, not just for the kids to race on. It could be used as a doormat or placed anywhere in the living room or bedroom. It’s high quality and is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This ensures durability because it combines the qualities of both materials to a good effect.