DIY Plastic Sticks Building Block Educational Toys

91 EGP



Boost your child’s creativity by bringing home the DIY Plastic Sticks Building Blocks Educational Toy. The set contains up to 135 plastic sticks to create various shapes of catapults, bicycles, cars, and more. It is designed with bright and vibrant colors to develop your child’s visual perception skills. The DIY building block sticks are designed with hooks for easy attachment.
Encourages Early Learning
The DIY building block sticks are created to impart education at an early age. Watch with awe as your little one creates a plane, chair, tower, or house with these building sticks. With over 100 possibilities, your child can create different designs every other day.
Exceptional Build Quality
The DIY building blocks educational toy contains 135 sticks for versatile use. These building sticks are durable and are made from child-safe plastic for lasting use. They are designed with vibrant colors to grab your child’s attention and develop visual perception skills.