Labocosmetica BENEFICIA 1000ML

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BENEFÌCIA is a self-activating coating enhancer, based on fluoropolymer technology, which kicks in upon spraying with water, thus completing the Mafra “no touch” cycle begun with PRIMUS. BENEFÌCIA adheres to the surface for a long time, is resistant to acids, to bird droppings, to alkali, even the strongest ones found in car washes, and to solvents. It reduces drying times, removing the root cause of swirl formation and seals without using cloths or applicators, drastically reducing the risk of causing scratches. Its blend of fluoropolymers and siloxanes quickly and easily assures to the body high protection, brightness, smoothness, and lotus effect, giving it amazing beading and sheeting, plus a high hydrophobic effect.
Dilution: In Winter 1L: 1L – In Summer 2L:1L –
For Protection and maintenance 3L:1L