Labocosmetica Veritas 1000ML

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which cleans and degreases the surface before any nano treatment, removing any type of lubricating oil (either paraffin or new generation synthetic oils) and polish, highlighting the underlying imperfections without whitening the paint. All products on the market have strong volatility, which does not allow the product to completely remove working oils. #VÈRITAS, has been specifically developed to achieve the best results even in the summer months. However, It is able to completely remove polishing oils and also, thanks to its high antistatic effect, to repel dust, which allows one to work with ease during application of the coating. Cleaning with this product assures a better final result and the coating molecules will be able to best adhere to the surface, assuring longer lasting protection. But It is much more: it provides help to detailers during application of the coating: if any halos have been created in the first hour after application of the coating, it can be reworked without removing it, using a micro suede cloth soaked with the product to smooth out the error.