Winner N80 80 AH

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WINNER BATTERY is the world’s leading battery brand serving more than 85 energy applications in Solar, Stationary, Starting and Motive Power fields through a variety of battery technologies such as GEL, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), FLA, Sealed Lead Acid, Maintenance Free, using industry standard lead acid types like OPzV, OPzS, PbC and integrating the latest technological advancements in each field.

The WINNER BATTERY brand was established by a pioneering European group of companies specializing in energy storage and distribution solutions – and today its product line consists of more than 1.500 product codes in 38 product series.

Through the companies WINNER BATTERY (UK) Ltd. based in Great Britain and WINNER BATTERIEN GmbH based in Germany and an expanding network of partners, WINNER BATTERY is currently present in more than 36 countries in 5 continents.

WINNER BATTERY consists of a team of highly qualified battery specialists with extended technical knowledge and hands-on experience in projects of any scale, skilled to serve any need from energy storage design and supply of specialty batteries, to turnkey solutions for every field.

WINNER BATTERY both as a brand and business partner is renowned for its superior quality and unparalleled reliability that derives from “Total Solutions System”, a unique quality system to meet and exceed any energy storage and distribution challenge on a 360o approach.

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80 Ampere