Chloride Gold DIN66L 12/66 AH

Chloride Gold DIN66L 12/66 AH

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Product Features & Benefits


Chloride Gold – DIN66L 12/66 AH car battery is a sealed maintenance-free battery that contributes to the automotive industry’s “go green” initiative; Supported by its quitting the usage of PVC separators in its manufacturing process. Chloride Gold Car Battery- DIN66L 12/66 AH supports the development of high-performance, cost-effective energy solutions and it is compatible with extreme hot and cold temperatures. As a customer-oriented leading automotive manufacturer, Chloride Gold Car Batteries provide an unrivaled warranty and after-sales service.


Benefits of Chloride Gold- DIN66L 12/66 AH Car Battery

  • Up to 30% higher durability than standard batteries.
  • Heavy duty with reliable starting power requirements and High vibration resistance.

Sealed maintenance-free battery

  1. Low internal resistance.
  2. Resistance to overcharging.
  3. Strong corrosion resistance.



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